“Reasonable Accommodation”: Participation in the College Entrance Examination and the Right to Higher Education for Persons with Disabilities
December 27,2019   By:ssap
Abstract:Before 2014,China’s disabled people faced great barriers in taking the college entrance examination and receiving higher education. In 2014,China’s college entrance examination made a “zero breakthrough” with reasonable accommodation for persons with disabilities. From 2015 to 2018,the reasonable accommodation of the college entrance examination for the disabled has been clearly defined at the institutional level and has been implemented at the practical level. In order to further protect the right of disabled people to participate in the college entrance examination and higher education,it is necessary to(a)improve the relief system in the case of the rejection for reasonable accommodation application,(b)thoroughly understand the requirements of reasonable accommodation when formulating relevant provisions for the disabled college entrance examination,(c)publicize the relevant data for the reasonable accommodation of the disabled college entrance examination,(d)the examination authority takes a more active action and(e)schools do not refuse to accept disabled candidates who meet the admission criteria on the grounds of their disability.
Keywords:Persons With Disabilities; College Entrance Examination; Reasonable Accommodation
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