The Judicial Guaranty of the Elderly's Rights: Analysis on the Judicial Documents from 2013-2018
December 27,2019   By:ssap
Abstract:The elderly’s rights to be supported is a legal right in our country. It was effectively protected through such measures as perfecting institution systems,modifying various mechanisms and so on. Judged from the judicial documents on maintenance disputes in recent years,it can clearly found that the maintenance disputes mainly occur in parents-children relationship and the supporters mainly point to males. Meanwhile,there exists urban-rural differences in maintenance disputes and the major demands is necessary material for life. In addition,the judicial process lacks the involvement of lawyers and at the same time,laws,morals,and customs all play their roles in dealing with maintenance disputes. We must focus on raising the awareness of rights,improving the systems and getting rid of urban-rural differences as well as promoting the spiritual support system to further protect the elderly’s rights to be supported.
Keywords:The Elderly; Awareness of Rights; Judicial Safeguard; Rights to Be Supported
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