The New Development on the Rapid Rescue Mechanism for Missing Children
December 27,2019   By:ssap
Abstract:Aiming at the present situation and characteristics of abducting children crime,Chinese government is respectively strengthening comprehensive management,intensifying the construction of relief agencies,improving anti-trafficking law etc. to promote the relief for the abducted children,initially formed the multi-level protection model,including government leading,promotion by public security,participation of social forces,and international cooperation. For the low efficiency and untimeliness of traditional notice of investigation assistance,the public security bureau has launched an Emergency Response Platform for Missing Children on the basis of making full use of modern network technology. However,the construction of this platform is still in the initial stage,and relevant departments have not provided practical solutions on how to identify whether children are abducted,how to cooperate between different police types and regions,how to support personnel training and incentive mechanism. In the long run,China’s rapid rescue mechanism for Missing Children may fall into the similar problems faced by other countries,especially the confusion between non-relatives abduction and other types of abduction and disappearance,and the possibility of the system abused by the absence of information standards. The specific improvement Suggestions listed as follows:the establishment of coordinating institutions to promote the cooperation of various departments the rational formulation and strict implementation of the issuing standard,the optimization and adjustment of the information transmission,paying attention to the negative impact of the diffusion of responsibility,as well as the training of the relevant personnel rescuing the abducted children.
Keywords:Crime of Abducting Children; Rapid Rescue Mechanism; Emergency Response Platform for Missing Children
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