New Progress on Guaranteeing of Women's Political Participation in China
December 27,2019   By:ssap
Abstract:Guaranteeing Women’s Political Rights has been highly valued by our government. Our Government has been insisted on the constitutional principle of equality between Genders,and has made gender equality a basic nation policy to promote nation and social development. Our Government has been improving laws,making public policy,Guaranteeing that women enjoy political rights equals to man does. The Percentage of woman’s political participation has been increasing. In 2018,a historical breakthrough has been realized on Guaranteeing Women’s Political Rights in our Country. However,like most nations,the political sphere is the area with the greatest gap between men and women. It is an important mission of our nation’s socialist human rights cause to comprehensively advance the realization and development on woman’s political rights.
Keywords:gender equality; Women’s Political Rights; Participate in Deliberating and Administration of State Affairs
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