The Standardization and Normalization of Openness of Government Affairs from the Perspective of Right to Know
December 27,2019   By:ssap
Abstract:In May 2017,the General Office of the State Council issued “Pilot Work Program for The Standardization and Normalization of Openness of Grass-roots Government Affairs”,which identifies 100 counties(cities and districts)in 15 provinces,focusing on the pilot work of standardization of open government affairs at the grassroots level. Since the implementation of this work for more than a year,the pilot units have made remarkable improvements in publishing and implementing standards and norms of government affairs publicity,improving government websites,expanding public access to information,publishing power and responsibility lists and items lists,and clearing “botnet websites”,which have greatly improved the protection level of citizens’ right to know. However,in the process of standardization and normalization of government affairs publicity,there are also some problems,such as coping principle,formalism,technology lag,and institutional chaos.
Keywords:Standardization; Right to Know; Normalization; Openness of Grass-roots Government Affairs
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