The Improvement of Rural Environmental Quality by Renovating the Environment
December 27,2019   By:ssap
Abstract:2018 is the first year to implement Three-Year Action Plan for Improving the Living Environment in Rural Areas. Our government orients at construction of beautiful and livable villages. In addition,it focuses on garbage and sewage treatment,and village appearance improvement as well. Rural residents’ rights to life,health and development are all further guaranteed through sound policy support system,execution of experiment demonstration work,enhanced financial and technical support,strengthened supervision and assessment and other effective measures. However,we still face problems and challenges in terms of renovation of rural living environment. Actually,it is necessary to strengthen the responsibility of local governments,promote the marketization and socialization of garbage and wastewater treatment in rural areas,establish an effective mechanism for villagers’ participation in environmental improvement,balance urban and rural development planning,and create favorable conditions for protecting rights and interests of rural residents.
Keywords: Right of Health; Renovation of Rural Living Environment; Right to Live; Right of Development
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