Health Poverty Alleviation in Anti-Poverty Strategy
December 27,2019   By:ssap
Abstract:There are complex correlations between poverty and health. Health issues and poverty state are always reciprocal causations. Both illness-caused poverty and poverty-caused illness are impeding the stabilization and development of society. China is implementing Anti-poverty Strategy,which closely concerning the interactive connection between poverty and health. It is a kind of positive policy turning human’s health rights from formal rights to substantive rights,while building based on Healthy China Strategy and Anti-Poverty Strategy,showing the modernization of Governance capability and excellence. In 2018,China has implemented the Anti-Poverty Strategy orderly and fruitful with increasing government financial investment and forming collaborative governance system. But still facing challenges in the perspectives of fragility of poverty groups as well as lacking of participation of multiple actors. In the future,government will continue leading anti-poverty actions and helping improving more active and accurate collaboration,which will promote anti-poverty strategy,and sequentially accelerate building a moderately prosperous society.
Keywords:Health Poverty Alleviation; Right to Health; Anti-Poverty Strategy
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