On the Strategy of Rural Revitalization and the Equality between Urban and Rural Residents
December 27,2019   By:ssap
Abstract:A basic project in the implementation of the strategy of rural revitalization is to resolve the contradiction between farmers’ growing demands for protection of their rights and interests and the unbalanced and inadequate development of protection. The strategy of rural revitalization is a new strategy for guaranteeing farmers’ rights and promoting equality between urban and rural residents. The orderly advancement of the strategy can more fully promote the integration of urban and rural development,solve the urban-rural gap,equalize urban and rural public services,strengthen the judicial safeguard of rural governance,and effectively improve the benchmark of equality between urban and rural residents. In the implementation of the strategy of rural revitalization,by taking targeted measures to protect the rights of farmers,we can effectively play the main role of farmers,effectively resolve conflicts,promote common prosperity,and continue to increase income,and enhance sense of acquisition,happiness,and security of farmers. Furthermore,the overall development of farmers,overall progress of rural areas and overall upgrading of agriculture will be promoted.
Keywords:Urban-rural Integration; Public ServiceJudicial Safeguard; Rural Revitalization; Rights of Farmers
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