Reform and Opening-up and the Development of Human Rights in China
December 27,2019   By:ssap
Abstract:Reform and opening-up have provided endogenous impetus and development conditions for China’s human rights cause. The historical process of China’s reform and opening up can be divided into two stages,and the development of China’s human rights cause has also presented two stages accordingly. In the first stage of reform and opening-up,China’s human rights cause has made breakthroughs in three aspects:re-recognizing the value and significance of human rights;establishing a human rights protection system suited to China’s national conditions;and participating in global human rights governance. In the second stage of reform and opening-up,with the change of the main social contradictions,the development of human rights in China also presents a new picture,which is embodied in the following aspects:taking the people as the center,regarding the people’s happy life as the biggest human rights;promoting the all-round development of human beings with the overall strategy of “five in one”;ensuring the smooth advancement of human rights with the strategic layout of “four in an all-round way”;constructing the community of shared future for human beings,providing China’s Proposal for global human rights governance. Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up,China has successfully embarked on a road of human rights development suited to China’s national conditions.
Keywords:Human Rights; reform and opening-up; China’s Human Rights Cause
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