China Human Rights Review: Information for Authors
April 22,2019   By:HRI at SWUPL
China Human Rights Review
Information for Authors
The China Human Rights Review is a peer-reviewed human rights academic journal launched in 2012, edited and supervised by the Human Rights Institute, Southwest University of Political Science and Law (HRI at SWUPL), and published by the Law Press?China. This journal provides an international platform for academic exchanges on human rights between China and other countries, as well as promotes human rights study in China. This journal publishes original works such as papers, comments on hot issues, survey reports and think-tank reports from human rights perspectives. This journal welcomes contributions from human rights scholars and researchers from all around the world.
This journal accepts manuscripts written either in Chinese or English all year round, without limitation of the number of words. The author is expected to thoroughly describe and fully present his finding(s) and viewpoint(s), either in macro or micro level. All manuscripts would be reviewed by professors in HRI at SWUPL, and determined by the editorial board for acceptance or rejection.
Manuscripts accepted for review should satisfy the format specifications. Each manuscript should indicate the author's name(s), affiliation(s), degree(s), position(s), e-mail address, as well as title of the paper (in Chinese), an abstract, keywords and so on. After the manuscript is received, the editorial office will reply to the author within one month. Once the manuscript is published, the author will receive two copies of the journal and remuneration.
This journal accepts submissions of manuscripts in electronic or paper format. Please submit electronic versions of manuscripts to: humanrightsreview@163.com; or send paper manuscripts to: the editorial office of China Human Rights Review, Human Rights Institute, Southwest University of Political Science and Law, No.301 Baosheng Ave., Yubei District, Chongqing.
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