Turkey's accusations over Xinjiang groundless: Chinese ambassador
March 01,2019   By:en.humanrights.cn
March 1, 2019 -- To fulfill the human rights of all Chinese people is the long-term goal that the Chinese government strives for, and Turkey’s accusations of the alleged human rights violations in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region are groundless and unacceptable, Chinese ambassador Deng Li rebuked Turkey’s foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu who said, at a high-level meeting of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, that China violates the human rights of the Uygur and other Muslim people in Xinjiang and diminish their cultural identity.
Ambassador Deng said that all ethnic groups in Xinjiang are equal in enjoying rights and shouldering obligations. Among the 60 Xinjiang deputies to the12th National People’s Congress, 38 are of ethnic minorities. Local officials such as the chairman of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, and heads of the Autonomous Prefectures and Towns across the region are selected from local citizens. The number of government employees from ethnic minority groups has reached 91,076 in Xinjiang, accounting for 40.24 percent of all the civil servants there, said Deng.
For decades, Xinjiang has boosted its economy and  substantially improved people’ living standards. The per-capita disposable income has been increased by more than 100 times in the past 40 years, said Deng.
China fully guarantees the use of ethnic languages while promoting Putonghua, in order to preserve the languages of all ethnic minorities, said Deng.
The Chinese government has invested a lot in renovating historic sites in Xinjiang such as the Ancient City of Gaochang, the Ancient City Relicso f Beiting and the Aitigar Mosque in Kashgar, and has repaired more than 3,000 precious cultural relics. 
China also attaches great importance to people’s freedom of religious belief. There are altogether 24,400 Mosques in Xinijiang now. On average, every 530 Muslims share  one mosque in Xinjiang, and the ratio is even higher than that in Turkey, according to Deng.
Meanwhile, the Chinese government has adopted a series of anti-terrorism and de-extremization measures in Xinjiang. This is what a responsible government should do and must do. No one knows better than our Chinese people about what we need, and no one is in a position to dictate what China should do to maintain stability and advance the cause of human rights, said Deng.

By: Jia Puyu