Imperative that extremism in any guise is opposed
March 19,2019   By:chinadaily.com.cn

March 19, 2019 -- Seamstresses work on embroidery at an arts workshop in Hami, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, on March 8. [Photo/Xinhua]
March 19, 2019 -- The white paper on the fight against terrorism and extremism and human rights protection in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, released by the State Council Information Office on Monday, underscores China's contribution to international anti-terrorism efforts. It is also the country's latest response to the way in which its deradicalization measures in Xinjiang are being distorted by some.
In recent years, separatists and religious extremists in Xinjiang have frequently carried out terrorist attacks, which have killed and injured people of all ethnic groups in the region. The spread of extremist ideology and terrorist attacks in Xinjiang are closely connected with the rise of extremism in the Middle East.
The Chinese government is firmly opposed to any form of terrorism and extremism, and it has demonstrated its resolve to counter terrorism and crack down on any conduct advocating terrorism or extremism.
As part of these efforts, the government has implemented various deradicalization measures in Xinjiang to help and educate local people so they voluntarily shun extremist ideologies.
China's fight against terrorism and extremism, based on the reality of Xinjiang, the rest of the country and the wider region, and drawing on the experience of other countries, is an important part of the fight against terrorism being waged by the international community.
However, there are some who, for their own purposes, choose to view China's efforts in a negative light. In an extreme example of this, the distorted reports and biased views of some Western media and politicians apparently gave the suspect in the New Zealand mosque attacks the perception that China has an anti-Muslim stance.
The Christchurch terrorist attacks are a horrific and timely reminder to the world that no country today can shy away from the severe challenges of terrorism and extremism that take many forms. There is still a long way to go before the world can end the threat of terrorism and extremism of all forms as there are always people who are prone to hating others for no other reason than they are different. Terrorists and extremists seek dominion over others as a way to assert their particular identity, which they feel is threatened. Thus they seek others who can validate their sense of self.
The tragedy in New Zealand should remind countries that they should look within themselves and take action to prevent divisions forming along racial, ethnic or religious lines. Hate speech of any kind should not be tolerated, and hate crimes should be severely punished.
Countries should also oppose any double standard in combating terrorism. Extremist propaganda, no matter what the racial, religious or ideological roots, should be relentlessly eradicated and countered.
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