Countering extremist brainwashing
March 19,2019   By:China Daily
March 19, 2019 -- Thanks to a series of actions to counter extremism, the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region has remained peaceful and stable for more than two years.
The change in Xinjiang's situation demonstrates the effectiveness of these pro-stability measures, and they provide an example for other parts of the world facing the same challenges.
Extremists have been the instigators of thousands of violent incidents intended to create chaos and instigate hatred against the government. Their base conduct indiscriminately victimized people from all walks of life and seriously threatened social stability.
Responding to the call of the people, the Chinese government has taken resolute action to uproot extremism from the social soil, and the government has conducted precise strikes to cut the weeds and dig extremism up at the roots.
Experience shows those espousing extremist ideology take advantage of religion to brainwash innocent people so they become obedient puppets of their leaders.
Chinese law protects people's liberty and beliefs, but it firmly prohibits religion being used to spread harmful ideas that are against social stability and the public good.
To suit the remedy to the case, the government has organized vocational training and educational establishments for people who would otherwise be susceptible to extremism, so as to prevent them from falling prey to it.
The trainees learn knowledge and skills that will help them live better lives. More important, the knowledge and skills can help them make a clear distinction between what is right and wrong.
The peaceful and stable development of Xinjiang since the vocational education project was launched attests to its effectiveness. It is a battlefield without smoke where the righteousness struggle with the viciousness for the people's minds. The education, which both the trainees and local residents speak highly of, kills two birds with one stone, as it eliminates the soil of ignorance and creates opportunities for the people to strive for better lives.
Ding Shouqing, a researcher in human rights at the Urumqi-based Xinjiang Academy of Social Sciences
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