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Chinese teen idol says gender equality, education, empowerment key needs for young people
April 11,2019   By:Xinhua
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UNITED NATIONS, April 11, 2019 -- Gender equality, education and empowerment are the top three key needs for young people, as shown by discussion of Asia Pacific representatives at a United Nations youth forum, Chinese singer and World Health Organization (WHO) envoy Yi Yangqianxi said Tuesday.
At the UN Economic and Social Council Youth Forum which concluded Tuesday, Yi reported the discussion of the Asia Pacific session to the plenary on behalf of the regional group in his capacity as WHO China special envoy and Chinese youth representative.
The teenage pop idol said representatives have looked at what meaningful youth participation means for some sustainable development goals of the UN 2030 Agenda and made three recommendations.
Firstly, he said, the youth representatives called for putting people at the center during all policy-making, programming and advocacy process, as well as considering young people's real needs.
Secondly, "empower, equal and inclusive" are key principles that need to be embedded in all development agendas, he said.
Thirdly, the discussion stressed the importance of equipping young people with skills that are needed in a changing world through updated education program. "Young people should not only be job-seekers, but also job-creators," he said.
In conclusion, Yi told the plenary that "young people are demanding change right here, right now," adding "in Asia Pacific we stand ready to make sure we play our parts in achieving the SDGs (sustainable development goals)."
The eighth annual Economic and Social Council Youth Forum was held on April 8-9 at the UN headquarters in New York. Its participation includes representatives from youth-led and youth-focused organizations.
Themed with "Empowered, included and Equal," the forum sought to provide a space for discussion on the importance of young people and formulate recommendations to advance the youth development agenda for potential inclusion in key processes and frameworks.