China slams U.S. false remarks on Xinjiang issue
June 14,2019   By:CGTN

June 14, 2019 -- Chinese Foreign Ministry on Tuesday slammed U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's groundless remarks about the so-called "re-educational center" in China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.
"Seeing is believing," said spokesperson Geng Shuang. He said Pompeo's remarks show that he lacks the basic knowledge of Xinjiang.
Geng stressed that there is no so-called "re-educational center" in Xinjiang and the education and vocational training centers are established to help those influenced by extremism to learn the skills to stand on their own feet.
There has been no incident of violence and terrorism since the establishment of those centers three years ago, and the security situation has been significantly improved, he added.
The fact is evident to all that people in Xinjiang have religious freedom, Geng said. "There are 24,400 mosques in the region, and as far as I know, the number in the U.S. is less than the one-tenth in Xinjiang," Geng noted.
Uygur culture has been effectively protected and carried forward, he continued. The Uygur people have the right to use their own language according to law, and Xinjiang media can use multiple languages including Mandarin and Uygur, Geng added.
Uygur Muqam of Xinjiang was inscribed formally on UNESCO's Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2008, he added.
"What is critical is that whether Pompeo wants to know the real Xinjiang. If he is obsessed with making up lies regardless of the truth, and interfere with China's internal affairs under the cover of religion and human rights, it will be completely a different matter," warned Geng.
He reminded Pompeo that the more he performed in public, the more his real intention will be exposed, and any attempt to interfere with China's internal affairs is doomed to fail.
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