Hong Kong installs fresh air system for new tunnel
January 10,2019   By:Ecns.cn
Jan. 10, 2019 -- To improve air quality in the Central- Wan Chai Bypass tunnel, Hong Kong's Highways Department installed an air purification system, the first such system for the city's road tunnels. 
"It is the largest-scale application of an air purification system in the world. Every hour it can handle 5.4 million cubic meters of vehicle emissions. In other words, all the air in the tunnel will be ventilated eight times each hour," said Lo Kwok Wah, project manager at the Highways Department. 
Driving between Central and North Point will only take about 5 minutes when using the bypass, a significant drop from the previous 40 minutes. 
It will help lessen traffic in Central, Wan Chai, Causeway Bay and other areas. 
The bypass has a dual three-lane trunk road. It started construction on Jan. 29, 2010 and will open on Jan. 20. 
Construction is nearly complete and efforts are being made for the final opening.


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