Eyes of blinds: Man presents movies for blind audience
February 11,2019   By:Xinhua
Zheng uses the natural pauses in dialogue or between critical sound elements to insert narrative that translates the visual image. "The longest script I wrote was around 8,000 words," Zheng said.
Live streaming the Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony on Aug. 8, 2008 for the blind was one of the most impressive moments for Zheng.
Zhang made and painted Olympic rings made from foam boards to let his blind audience have a close "touch" with the Olympics.
Appreciating the 18 replicas of the Louvre in Beijing, touching the parts of Shenzhou spacecraft mold in the Chinese Aviation Museum and experiencing the architectures and history at the Five Avenues in Tianjin, blinds in the city have "seen" colorful worlds through various tours organized by Zheng Wei.
Every December witnesses a New Year's party held by Zheng. At the first party, a volunteer felt a little bit confused: "Shall we wear formal costumes?"
"We have to do so. Blinds see from the heart rather than the eyes. Dressing properly can show our respect," Zheng said.
Zhang Haoyun, 22, a volunteer with Tianjin Medical University, said Zheng helped him promote the "cinema for the blind" to more places in the country including northwest China's Shaanxi Province and northern China's Hebei Province.
"From a small screen to a large theater, Zheng's enthusiasm for helping the blind has never faded," Zhang said.
"I will retire one day, but the cinema for the blind will never retire."
Zheng hopes to continue this work until he is 80 and looks forward to seeing more and more young people join him to light up the dark world of the blind.
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