Rural Xinjiang women find contentment in connection, entrepreneurship
February 11,2019   By:Xinhua
"They made a lot of progress in just a few months," he said. Now the team performs regularly for the public, local enterprises and tourists.
When Rizguli needs to go to rehearsals, her husband Mahmut Shadil helps her manage a grocery shop in the village -- their new family investment.
Earnings from the shop help the couple take care of their second daughter who is on medication for her mental health.
Over recent years, assistance to impoverished villages in Xinjiang has been focused on creating jobs and developing cultural programs.
Qiu said last year Fujian province invested seven million yuan (about one million dollars) to renovate 29 streets in the village and improve logistical infrastructure.
Cadres founded a farming cooperative to produce and sell naan, a staple food, and helped locals open hotels to cater to tourists from Urumqi.
Many women have found jobs in these businesses and are encouraged to set up their own businesses as Rizguli did. Kindergartens are set up near where these mothers work so that they can still find time to take care of their family.
Starting from last year, the Xinjiang regional women's federation launched a program to fund a barbershop in all villages in Hotan and Kashgar. They have given out 10,000 yuan-worth of equipment for free and provided necessary training to men and women in 2,000 villages.
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