Measures to improve lives, boost demand
August 12,2019   By:Xinhua
August 12,2019-- China will take more measures, including improving services for people's daily lives and encouraging cultural and tourism consumption, as part of efforts to better meet the need for consumer sector upgrades to further unleash the potential of domestic demand.
The decision was made on Wednesday at the State Council executive meeting chaired by Premier Li Keqiang.
"Government departments should enhance guidance and policy support, work out more ways to spur business activities and provide greater convenience to consumers," Li said.
It was noted at the meeting that, in response to the trends in commercial transformation and consumer upgrades, the use of technologies such as big data will be encouraged, and individualized spending on goods and services, smart consumption and other new business models will be boosted. Traditional shopping malls and aging factory buildings can be converted into new types of consumer facilities for multiple, comprehensive purposes. Pedestrian shopping areas can be renovated in accordance with local conditions.
Reforms to streamline administration, enhance compliance oversight and deliver better services will be deepened. Local governments will be supported in carrying out the testing of registrations requiring one license and multiple venues for business brands. The power to approve qualifications for retail sales of refined oil will be delegated to municipal-level governments.
Regions where conditions are ripe will be encouraged to include community education, eldercare, medical care and household services in the renovation of old residential communities. Such efforts to create clusters of services that make life more convenient for people will receive fiscal support.
E-commerce will be introduced to more rural areas and weak links in cold chain logistics for farm products will be strengthened at a faster pace.
It was agreed to take measures to stimulate consumption in culture and tourism. Policies will be formulated and implemented for ticket price cuts or exemptions at tourist attractions, free admission during offseasons and ticket discounts for performances.
"Tourism consumption is a growth driver with big potential, particularly in boosting consumption and improving people's livelihoods," Li said.
At the same time, market oversight will be strengthened. Market players and individuals who are blacklisted may be punished by multiple agencies. Such efforts will help protect the rights and interests of consumers.
"Cultural consumption deserves our careful study. It should receive as much attention as the consumption of goods and tourism because it contributes to improving people's livelihoods and countering downward pressure on the economy," Li said.
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