China sees continuous drop in criminal cases over years
August 19,2019   By:Xinhua
Aug.19, 2019 -- The number of criminal cases reported to and investigated by police in China in the first half of the year has seen a decrease of 6.7 percent year on year after dropping for three consecutive years, police sources said.
Eight kinds of serious violent crimes, such as intentional homicide, severe intentional injury, rape and drug trafficking, declined by 11.1 percent year on year over the same period, according to a national meeting on public security and social order, held in central China's Wuhan City.
The meeting urged police authorities at all levels to promote the modernization of public security and social order management with a focus on reform measures and the building of police big data.
It also stressed efforts to intensify police forces at the primary level and to improve the capabilities to identify and predict relevant risks.
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