Concern group against school bullying set up in Hong Kong
August 22,2019   By:Xinhua
HONG KONG, Aug. 22, 2019 -- A concern group against school bullying was set up in Hong Kong on Wednesday amid the escalated violent acts from radical protesters in recent months.
Chan Wing-Kee, from the political and business sector, is the convenor of the newly formed School Bullying Concern Group.
Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, Chan said school bullying has been serious in Hong Kong and the ongoing escalated violence in Hong Kong could aggravate the problem.
The aim of setting up this group is to provide an extra channel for students and parents in need to report school bullying cases, he said, adding that they will in turn refer those cases to the education bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government.
The violent acts from some radical protesters have caused serious social division in Hong Kong in recent months. Some even disseminate hatred against Hong Kong police on the internet to incite bullying acts toward children of the police.
"I just received a message which says that they are collecting information about the kids of police officers, and they will 'do something' in early September," said Horace Cheung, a member of the Legislative Council of the HKSAR and the deputy convenor of the group.
Yeung Yiu-chung, who is from the education sector and also a deputy convenor of the group, said that some parents from the mainland who work and reside in Hong Kong have complained that their children are labeled as "mainland kids" and feel being discriminated at schools.
"Schools are supposed to be a safe place for students to gain knowledge," Chan noted, appealing to the public to provide students a friendly environment to enjoy their school life.
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