Foreign scholars applaud China’s anti-terror efforts
September 07,2019   By:Xinhua
However, Xinjiang's anti-terrorism efforts were still attacked by some Western media.
"What we hear from the Western media and what is really happening on the ground are totally two different things," Colombage said.
"You are not hiding anything, you told us to ask any question, and we asked very difficult questions," he said.
Abdul Wahid Wahid, a senior adviser to the Minister of Haj and Religious Affairs of Afghanistan, said Xinjiang's experience is effective in eradicating extremism and terrorism, and he wants to learn more about it.
"I've heard a lot about the education center. Western media somehow said that is a 'torture center'. Now that I saw the center, and that it's really an education center, I wish we had established such centers in Afghanistan many years ago," he said.
Matteo Bressan, a professor of International Relations and Strategic Studies at Lumsa University (Rome), said he believes that education is a way to help fight the global phenomenon of extremism and radicalism.
"We should respect the Chinese approach to these issues and challenges," he said.
Shu Hongshui, vice-president of the Anti-terrorism Law School, Northwest University of Political Science and Law in Xi'an of Shaanxi province, said terrorism and extremism are global problems, and China is offering its solution to the world.
He noted that China has been actively participating in international counterterrorism and anti-extremism programs and China has joined a number of international conventions in this regard.
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