International community visits Xinjiang to dispel Western bias against region
September 07,2019   By:Global Times
Predrag Markovic, director of the Institute for Contemporary History in Serbia and vice president of the Socialist Party of Serbia, told the Global Times that "some Western countries criticize China for the counter-terrorism policies in Xinjiang, but let us ask what the US would do if hundreds of Americans die in terrorist attacks? We already have the answer: they scorched two or three countries."
He noted that China has a peaceful policy of educating and employing people. "They are building a new society [to counter terrorism]," said Markovic.
Markovic stressed at the seminar that the US has coercively introduced "human rights" in many countries. 
"The noble concept of human rights is often misused as a tool for an imperialist struggle for global domination. In the West, many scholars and politicians have tried to monopolize the concept of human rights," he said.
 "Whenever the human rights concept clashed with some American interests, they tended to forget this praiseworthy principle," he said.
"In the struggle for human rights and against terrorism we do not need commands from a single headquarter in Washington DC. We need a mutual support from equal brothers in arms," he said at the seminar.
An example for the world 
Jiang listed four principles in the global fight against terrorism and extremism. The first is to uphold common standards and oppose double standards; the second is to take measures according to local conditions on the basis of international law; the third is to protect human rights and the fourth is to uphold unity and cooperation. 
Shu Hongshui, deputy dean of anti-terrorism law department  at the Northwest University of Political Science and Law, told the Global Times that China had chosen to host a seminar at this time partly because China has made outstanding achievements in the counter-terrorism and de-radicalization efforts in Xinjiang. "Also, it's a response to some misunderstandings and attacks from abroad. This move could win more support from the international community as we are providing 'China lessons' for the global counter-terrorism and de-radicalization work," Shu said. 
Yalini Saranya, program officer at Bandaranaike Center for International Studies in Sri Lanka, told the Global Times that the vocational education and training center is a good model and mechanism to combat terrorism. "It can be a good lesson for Sri Lanka to learn from China, as we have [been struggling for] so many years to counter terrorism, but it doesn′t work perfectly," she said. 
After visiting a vocational education and training center in Kashi, Saranya told the Global Times that, "I don′t think there is any violation of human rights here, because I see all the students enjoying themselves; they are not upset at all."
"And when they graduate from the center, they will be offered jobs by many companies. I think it's also a good thing for the economic growth," she added.
Compared with other countries, "China's counter-terrorism act is set as the best example," she said.
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