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China's Human Rights: Experts: Past 70 years marked by great strides, progress
May 13,2019   By:CGTN
May 13, 2019 -- Despite all of the twists and turns in the global saga of human rights, experts say more work remains to be done. A symposium on China's own human rights progress began Thursday. Experts say the last 70 years have brought mostly positive changes. CGTN's Feng Yilei takes a closer look.  
While China and its people have undergone earth-shattering changes since the nation's founding, the country has also seen a roller coaster ride of human rights development. A gathering of experts in this field agree that China has taken a successful path toward human rights progress, one that suits its own conditions.
PROF. LIU HAINIAN CHINESE ACADEMY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES "The independence and liberation of the country and its people laid the foundation for some of the most important developments in the field of human rights. Then came the democratic reforms and land reforms. Later, the reform and opening up established the socialist market economy, and granted individuals more freedom and rights."
China has made great efforts to improve not just legal but also policy mechanisms to protect civil, political, economic, social, and cultural rights. Special groups, including ethnic minorities, women and children, have made gains.
PROF. LIU HAINIAN CHINESE ACADEMY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES "President Xi has further developed concepts like the Chinese Dream of National Rejuvenation, people-centered approaches, and the rule of law. They are embodied in the campaigns for poverty alleviation, social security and ending corruption."
Experts point out that over the years, China has also contributed a lot to the world's human rights development.
CHANG JIAN NANKAI UNIVERSITY "China has reversed the downplaying of socio-economic rights, which has led to the formulation of many important UN human rights documents. China is also committed to safeguarding world peace and joint development as a primary part of human rights protection. And China opposes the harm of unilateral sanctions on common people."
Experts say these propositions are well-accepted by many developing countries, bringing an end to the days when their voices went unheard. But meanwhile, certain countries still tend to use human rights as a political weapon on the global arena to slander their opponents.
FENG YILEI CHANGCHUN, JILIN PROVINCE "As president Xi once said, there's 'no best', but only 'better' in terms of human rights. Experts believe learning from history and international experience while adhering to our people-centered concept of human rights, will take Chinese people to a future of greater dignity, freedom, and happiness. "
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