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Chinese embassy donates supplies to primary school on Santiago island
February 28,2019   By:Xinhua
PRAIA, Feb. 28, 2019 -- Chinese ambassador to Cape Verde Du Xiaocong handed over school supplies on Wednesday to a Castelo Branco primary school in Praia Baixo, one of the poorest communities in the municipality of Sao Domingos, on the island of Santiago.
At this occasion, the delegate of the Ministry of Education of Sao Domingos, Wilson Moreno, thanked the Chinese embassy for this initiative, which he hoped would help strengthen the bonds of friendship and cooperation for the benefit of students.
"We chose this school, because it is located in the poorest communities of this municipality. About 80% of these schools are located in rural areas where families have low socioeconomic status and live in extreme poverty," he said.
Wilson Moreno said he had no doubt that this donation from the Chinese embassy will improve the conditions of education and learning of students.
For his part, Du said he expected the students to make good use of these school materials, because education is a very important factor for the development of Cape Verde.
Du said he found that the school's educational conditions were deficient and was impressed by the commitment and determination of the teachers to make every effort to enable students to study and learn, even if the school didn't have the minimum teaching conditions.
"I hope that, thanks to this type of donation, we will be able to further strengthen friendship and bilateral cooperation between the peoples of the two countries," he said, adding that the cooperation between China and Cape Verde has been magnificent and very fruitful, especially in the field of education.
The Chinese ambassador promised to visit other schools in this municipality to find out what difficulties each of them had and to see how the embassy could help.
The national director of education, Sofia Figueiredo, thanked the Chinese diplomat for the commitment of his embassy in the education sector, which brought students closer to new technologies and new challenges.
According to her, the Ministry of Education is working on the rehabilitation and construction of schools throughout the country with the support of the Chinese embassy in Cape Verde, but unfortunately many schools are in "horrible and degraded" situations.
"That's why we decided to give maximum priority to schools that were in much worse conditions than those with a falling roof, no doors or windows," said the director, who acknowledged that many schools did not offer the minimum teaching and learning conditions.
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