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Training gaps in human rights, safety remain: Bangladesh envoy
May 13,2019   By:
UNITED NATIONS, May 13, 2019 -- Despite his country's continuous efforts to develop troops capacity, there remain training gaps in areas of human rights, safety and protection of troops and civilians and gender violence, a Bangladesh envoy said Tuesday at the United Nations Security Council open debate on improving the safety and performance of UN peacekeepers.
Masud Bin Momen, permanent representative of Bangladesh to the United Nations, said that such training requires cooperation and partnership of a range of multiple stakeholders of various standards.
"While the UN takes lead for instituting guiding principles for training and capacity building, it is the responsibility of the individual TCCs (troop contributing countries) to prepare their peacekeepers for deployment in the field. Thus, strong collaboration is a must between UN Secretariat, member states and TCCs/PCCs (police contributing countries) for a comprehensive management of training needs," Momen said.
Training UN peacekeepers remains a complex endeavour as the peacekeepers are working in a foreign country with a complex cultural and political situation, the Bangladesh envoy said.
Partnerships are critical to the success of UN peace operations, he said. "It is similarly true for training and capacity building initiatives. We believe training is not only an important component of peacekeeping, it is a shared responsibility as well."
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