Profile of Guangzhou University Institute for Human Rights
April 24,2020   By:CSHRS
Establishment & Short Historical Background
Guangzhou University Institute for Human Rights,originally named as Guangzhou University Research Center for Human Rights was established in the July of 2004, which is a substantial,university-affiliated research institute with fixed staff,standing offices and stable financial support from the Ministry of Education and Guangzhou University. In the year of 2007,the Institute was qualified as the Guangdong Provincial Key Research Base for Humanities and Social Science in the University. In the year of 2011,the Institute was qualified by the Ministry of Education as one of the three National Education and Training Base for Human Rights in China. Three years later,the current name was adopted. Strongly supported by the University,the Institute has now 13 full-time researchers and 1 secretary.There are five Research Groups with in the Center,respectively specialized in the following fields:Human Rights The ories,Civil & Political Rights,Economic,Social & Cultural Rights, International Human Rights,as well as Human Rights Education.
--To be the best human rights research institute in China
--To be the best human rights training and education institute in South China
--To be the resource and information center of humanrights in South China
Special Concerns
--Human rights obligations of the State
--Right of political participation
--Rights of migrant workers
--Settlement of administrative disputes
--Human rights education for governmental officials
--Human rights education for students
--Nine Research projects respectively supported by National Social Science Foundation
--Three Book Series
Published by Hunan People’s Publishing House (Ten Books)
Published by Law Press·China(Eight Books)
Published by Social Sciences Academic Press·China(Two Books)
--Two Text books on Human Rights
--Three Other Publications by China Procuratorate Publishing House
--Nearly 300 Essays on human rights
--Two Consultant Reporton“Amendments to the Criminal Procedural Law of China”
to the Office of Legal Affairs under the National People’s Congress
Other information
The Institute dedicated to human rights education in the past few years.In the University,the Institute offered human rights courses to undergraduates majoring in law,postgraduates majoring in law and others tudents of the University.In the Society, the Institute held dozens of training respectively in Provinces of Guangdong,Hunan and Jiangxi,covering thousands of trainees.The trainees are prison police,criminal and security police,prosecutors,judges,lawyers,university teachers and others from all sorts of life.The said activities in the society were highly praised by the recipients. More requests on human rights education were expressed to us.Furthermore,the First National Conference on Exchange of Experiences of Human Rights Research Institutes,which was proposed by China Society for Human Rights Studies,was held by the Institute in the May of 2009.And the Third National Human Rights Education Annual Meeting was held by us as well in the autumn of 2010.
The Institute carried out awide-scale field research on the revision to the criminal procedural law in 2006.More than 10,000 questionnaires were collected from different groups of interviewees,like police,judges,prosecutors,lawyers,prisoners and the general public,in the Provinces of Guangdong,Hunan,Jiangxi,Liaoning and Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.On the basis of that,International Conference on the Revision of the CP Land Protection of Human Rights was held in the late 2008,161 participants to which includeds cholars from USA,Europe,Australia and China. Legislation recommendationon the basis of the field research was handed over to the Office of Legal Affairs under the National People’s Congress in 2010.
Other information
Street address:No.230,Waihuanxi Rd,Guangzhou Higher Education Mega
Center,Panyu District,Guangzhou,P.R.China
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