Counter-terror measures successful in Xinjiang, says Chinese diplomat
January 19,2020   By:Xinhua
DAMASCUS, Jan. 19, 2020 -- The counter-terror measures adopted in China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region have been conducive to the prosperity of the region, which has seen no terror attack in three years, said China's Ambassador to Syria Feng Biao.
The Chinese government is committed to simultaneously countering terror in accordance with the law and preserving human rights, he said at a seminar on anti-terror efforts in Xinjiang and the region's development here at the Chinese embassy.
In a jab at Western reports about so-called "human rights abuses" in Xinjiang, the ambassador said such claims are "false and unjustified."
"The false and unjustified accusations will not change the truth about the achievements in Xinjiang regarding human rights, nor will it affect the efforts exerted to eliminate terrorism and radicalism," he said. "Such claims cannot overshadow the reality of stability and prosperity and the happy lives of the people in Xinjiang either."
Feng noted that the international community can also learn from the experience of Xinjiang in countering terrorism and eradicating radicalism.
"The prosperity and stability in Xinjiang did not come easily," he said. "And China has the ability to develop Xinjiang in a good way and will not allow foreign forces to intervene blatantly in its internal affairs."
Mohammad Hamsho, chairman of the Syrian-Chinese Business Council, agreed that the measures undertaken in China to eradicate terrorism and save lives are "models" that need to be adopted elsewhere, particularly in Syria.
Eliminating terrorists is not the only way to counter terrorism, while increasing the social awareness is also needed, Hamsho said.
"We believe that the people of China with all their ethnicities are boosting this model of prosperity and stability through continuous support by the central government in China to Xinjiang, which will prevent any intervention by foreign forces in this area," he added.
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