More attention to asymptomatic coronavirus cases: health expert
April 17,2020   By:Xinhua
GUANGZHOU, April 17,2020 -- Zhong Nanshan, a renowned Chinese respiratory specialist, said Thursday that more attention should be paid to asymptomatic coronavirus cases.
Zhong made the comments during a video conference in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou with clinicians from Europe, the United States and Africa.
He said China is currently facing the risk of imported cases from overseas and more attention is paid to asymptomatic cases. Incubation period of these cases are mostly three to seven days, while the longest incubation period might be 14 days.
During the incubation period, they may have no symptoms or have very mild symptoms, and the patients themselves do not know, according to Zhong.
Data show that about 50 percent of asymptomatic cases do not have symptoms of novel coronavirus pneumonia, he said.
Close contacts and individuals returning from communities where an outbreak occurred should be closely monitored to prevent further transmission, Zhong said.
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