ZHANG Yonghe: Comparison on the Terrorism Prevention and De-extremization between the East and the West
February 19,2020   By:
Comparison on the Terrorism Prevention and De-extremization between the East and the West
ZHANG Yonghe
Abstract :Between 2005 and 2017, nearly 150,000 terrorist attacks occurred around the world, and nearly 800,000 people became direct victims of terrorist activities. Faced with this situation, countries have formulated special laws on preventing terrorism, counter-terrorism and preventing terrorism according to their actual conditions, and established specialized agencies for preventing terrorism and counter-terrorism, and training specialized personnel.
This paper draws the following conclusions by comparing and analyzing the practice of the US anti-terrorism prevention mechanism, the European countries' policies and practices of preventing terrorism and extremism education, and China's ideas, systems and practices for preventing and combating terrorism:
From the perspectives of measures to prevent terrorism in European and American countries, the main focus is on how to prevent terrorist activities; European countries have taken precautions against terrorist activities, and also focus on anti-terrorism education in immigrant communities, through education and training programs, The instructors help those immigrants integrate into the local community.
China’s prevention of terrorism is conceptually different from that of the United States and Europe. China has taken a more active approach to fundamentally eliminating terrorism and extremism, which is the first time in the international fight against terrorism. It should be said that this is an effective long-term mechanism for preventing terrorism and extremism.
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