Xi hails role of community workers
April 10,2020   By:China Daily

President Xi Jinping talks with a community worker at a community in Wuhan, Central China's Hubei province, March 10, 2020. (Photo/Xinhua)
President encourages grassroots staff to continue anti-virus efforts in reply letter
April 10,2020 -- President Xi Jinping has called on community workers to continue their steadfast efforts to combat COVID-19 as communities remain an important line of defense against imported cases and a rebound of the outbreak in China.
Xi made the remark in a letter of reply on Wednesday to community workers at a neighborhood which he visited last month during his inspection tour of Wuhan, the Chinese city hit hardest by the outbreak.
During his visit he spoke with community workers, police officers, doctors, officials and volunteers at Donghu Xincheng residential community in Wuhan, capital of Hubei province.
In his letter to the community workers, Xi said he was glad to know that life in Wuhan was gradually returning to normal.
Wuhan has lifted its 76-day lockdown, but Xi cautioned against any slackening of epidemic prevention work. He noted that routine adoption of epidemic control measures should play a key role in these new circumstances.
The city's urban and rural community workers have, together with other front-line workers, fought the virus regardless of the risks they faced, he said.
Xi, who is also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, said that Party members and officials in communities took the lead in this battle.
The widespread prevention and control measures adopted by the public fully reflected China's capability to win the people's war against the pandemic, Xi added.
He urged the community workers to continue their efforts in containing the outbreak and serving the people wholeheartedly.
Tao Jiudi is one of the community workers at Donghu Xincheng residential community who wrote to Xi. In the letter they invited him to return to Wuhan when it was possible to do so.
"We hope General Secretary Xi can take a walk on our street, and taste Wuhan hot dry noodles and grain liquor after the pandemic," she said.
Tao said she believed that all community workers across the country will feel the same encouragement and excitement that she did when reading Xi's letter of reply.
Acting as the commander-in-chief in the "people's war" on the pandemic, Xi has said on various occasions that communities hold the key to curbing the spread of the virus and praised community workers for their important role in the battle.
Since the start of the outbreak, about 4 million community workers have been working at the front line in 650,000 urban and rural communities nationwide, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs.
They are responsible for monitoring the outbreak, controlling access to their communities, education campaigns to increase public awareness of the virus and helping disadvantaged residents.
Mao Zongfu, director of Wuhan University's Global Health Institute, told China Youth Daily that community-based pandemic control was an important factor in combating COVID-19 in Wuhan as the community level is a weak point in preventing diseases and treating patients.
A comprehensive mechanism should be established to prevent major disease outbreaks in cities and communities, Mao said.
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