Xinjiang guarantees workers’ equal right to employment: white paper
September 21,2020   By:Xinhua
BEIJING, Sept.21,2020 -- China's Xinjiang guarantees workers' equal right to employment, says a white paper issued Thursday by the State Council Information Office.
In accordance with the principle of equal protection of civil rights, Xinjiang ensures that there is no discrimination against workers on the basis of ethnicity, region, gender, and religious belief, and that no individuals' rights are restricted because of their urban or rural status, profession or position, says the white paper titled "Employment and Labor Rights in Xinjiang."
In ensuring women's rights, Xinjiang strives to remove barriers to employment and formulates policies to support women in starting their own businesses.
In 2019, 480,900 new jobs were created in cities and towns; 228,100 of these were for women, accounting for 47.43 percent of the total, says the white paper.
To protect the labor rights of persons with disabilities, Xinjiang puts in more efforts on their vocational training, promotes their employment at public welfare enterprises and institutions, offers them flexible and less demanding jobs and public service positions, and advances their proportional employment, it says.