Over 7,800 disabled people in China's Huai'an benefit from personalized healthcare
November 18,2020   By:Xinhua
NANJING, Nov. 18, 2020 -- The city of Huai'an in east China's Jiangsu Province has provided personalized home healthcare services to more than 7,800 severely disabled people through an online scheduling platform, according to local authorities.
Besides regular household and health services, the program, launched in March, also offers physical rehabilitation, entertainment, and psychological counseling, among other services, said Wan Ligui, president of the disabled persons' federation of Huai'an.
The total number of services rendered through the platform has reached 57,280, of which more than 40 percent have been categorized as personalized services, according to Wan.
The services are purchased by the local government from third-party providers, he added.
Each district and county of Huai'an administers the program. Some 800 severely disabled people of Qingjiangpu District who registered on the platform were given a mobile phone to make bookings, said Ji Meihong, in charge of the district's scheduling platform, adding that each person gets three hours of free service every month.
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