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China key contributor to global human rights cause
October 13,2020   By:en.humanrights.cn
Oct.13,2020 -- The 45th session of the UN Human Rights Council concluded in Geneva recently. The China Society for Human Rights Studies (CSHRS) and the China Association for NGO Cooperation attended the session by means of submitting written speeches, speaking via video links and holding multiple sideline meetings to introduced China’s human rights progress, poverty reduction experience as well as the achievements in the protection of ethnic cultures in northwest China’s Xinjiang.
Poverty elimination is manifests the protection of the right to development. China’s representatives said that China has created a poverty reduction miracle which has lasted the longest span of time and benefited the largest number of poverty-stricken people in the history of humankind. The CSHRS pointed out that China has taken measures to reduce the impacts of COVID-19on economy, society and culture. The number of extremely poor people doesn’t rise amid COVID-19.
In terms of drinking water and sanitation, Shang Haiming, researcher at the Human Rights Institute, Southwest University of Political Science & Law, said that China attaches great importance to the safety of drinking water in rural areas. The centralized water supply system covers 87% of the population and 82% of the people can access tap water In China’s rural areas.
Chardia Ibra, scholar at the College of Chinese language and Literature, Xinjiang University, said that Xinjiang’s local cultures and ethnic sports have been well protected and inherited. Xinjing has seen improvements in the informationization and use of minority languages.
The poverty reduction experience shared by China is appreciated by many developing countries. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, said that the policies adopted by China to cooperate with developing countries such as African countries in pursuit of common development have significantly contributed to the global poverty alleviation.
At the sideline meetings held by China, representatives from Cambodian and Mongolia said that China has contributed a lot to the realization of the goal of global sustainable development.
By:Zhou Tianyu
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