Chinese NGOs call for more international efforts to safeguard right to development
July 01,2021   By:CGTN

Screenshot of guests speaking at a parallel event for the 47th Session of the UN Human Rights Council, in Beijing, China, June 28, 2021. /CGTN
July 1, 2021 -- Some Chinese NGOs and international experts have called for more efforts from non-government sectors to help safeguard human rights during the COVID-19 pandemic, such as the right to food, education, housing and decent work.
The calls were made on Monday at a parallel event for the 47th Session of the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council, which was held online from Beijing, about non-governmental organization (NGO)'s contribution to the right to development.
Experts on the panel pointed out that the right to development of people of all countries, developing countries in particular, is facing serious challenges.
"NGOs, as an important force in global human rights governance, can contribute to protecting the right to development," said Xu Lyuping, vice-president of China NGO Network for International Exchanges.
"We need to step up cooperation on vaccine R&D, production and distribution, so that vaccines can truly become useful and affordable public goods for people of all countries, especially in developing countries," Xu added.
Bolat Ussenov, deputy director of China Studies Center in Kazakhstan, stressed the importance on why NGOs should develop a more cohesive identity in the world arena.
"The foreign policy of individual countries is burdened with internal biases and is aimed at their interests," said Ussenov, adding "NGOs, in comparison with state bodies, have higher mobility in providing consultations, allocating material assistance to those in need."
In 1970, Kabbah Mubaye, member of the UN Commission on Human Rights, clearly put forward the concept of the "right to development."
Later in 1986, UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration on the Right to Development, establishing the right to development as a human right.