ID with WG on enforced disappearances
September 24,2021   By:en.humanrights.cn
Dear experts of the working group: 
Sept.24,2021 -- I want to draw your attention to that USA did not respond to five communications from the working group. USA has used its superiority to support in secret detentions and other enforced disappearance by intelligence agencies in Afghanistan and other countries.
US set up secret prisons in more than eight countries and conducted thousands of illegal detentions, torture and other inhuman acts. Whether it is in Guantanamo, Afghanistan or Iraq, United States has acted heinously. Systemic violations of human rights such as enforced disappearance have been widespread, but no one has been accused of this yet. 
These serious violations of human rights deserve the attention of the working group. These behaviors are contrary to the intention of ICPPED and not tolerated by international community.
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