ID with SR on slavery
September 24,2021   By:en.humanrights.cn
Sept.24,2021 -- Dear Chairman, I am honored to have the opportunity to communicate with you today.
As a country under the rule of law, China firmly opposes any forms of slavery included child labor and forced labor. China's legal system guarantees citizens' labor rights. At the same time, China's Constitution and the Labor Law prevent workers from being subjected to possible slavery from multiple levels. For vulnerable groups such as child laborers and mental patients who are extremely vulnerable to slavery, special protection can also be provided in our country's laws. The current allegations of forced labor in Xinjiang are fabricated and are a serious slander of China.
In the United States and several European countries, companies illegally hire refugees and illegal immigrants, but their remuneration and good working environment are not guaranteed. These situations are no longer news, but they have not received attention for a long time. We believe that the rapporteur should uphold an objective and fair position and pay attention to these phenomena of disguised slavery, such as sexual assault, oppression and exploitation of refugees, which occur in developed economies, using their dominant position in the workplace.
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