Reinforce regulation of mercenaries and private military and security companies
September 30,2021   By:en.humanrights.cn
Sept.30,2021 -- Dear Sir and Madam, this is Wenyang Wu from Institute for Human Rights, China University of Political Science and Law, speaking on behalf of China Society of Human Rights Studies. 
Mercenaries and private military and security companies, or PMSCs, still pose great threat to human rights, especially civilian safety. They can contribute to an escalation of conflict and aggravate region instability. But some States are relying on these private military contractors more heavily. For example, the U.S., as at the fourth fiscal quarter of 2020, had engaged the services of 27,388 contractors in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.
It is important that these States, including the U.S. take the human right violations committed by PMSCs seriously and hold the perpetrators accountable. Private military and security personnel who have committed such violations and violations of international humanitarian law should face punishment, but not be pardoned or be able to get away from accountability easily, like the case in which the U.S. former president Donald Trump pardoned Blackwater contractors convicted of killing innocent Iraqi civilians. Otherwise it sends a message that PMSCs could be used as a means of violating human rights and avoid responsibilities. 
States including the U.S. should monitor and regulate the activities of PMSCs through domestic legislation and create sanction mechanism.
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