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Smart animal husbandry pushes rural vitalization in Xinjiang
October 11,2021   By:chinadaily.com.cn
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Oct. 11, 2021 -- Tacheng city in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region is endeavoring to develop smart animal husbandry to push forward rural vitalization. A beef cattle industrial base that covers 773 hectares is in Tacheng city's Ortaashutas village.
Each cattle raised there would be attached with an ear tag thatdigitally records the animal's health data, such as its age, weight and health conditions. The cattle would be fed according to the data.
The industrial base feeds 30,000 beef cattle and is managed by the Hualing Sannong Grassland Animal Husbandry Co, which aims to spread scientific ways of raising beef cattle in Tacheng.
"Instead of building sheds for the cattle, we just use bamboo fences to enclose the animals. That provides ample space for the cattle to move about and brings better ventilation to the base," said Cao Hui, the company's chief engineer.
The base is divided into several zones. Cattle would be put into these zones according to which their stage of growth. Cao said the base also helps to take care of the cattle of nearby villagers. In the future, the company aims to further expand the base's scale and improve the beef's quality, allowing more farmers and herdsmen to enjoy the profits brought by the development of modern animal husbandry.
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