CPC unveils guideline on enhancing legal supervision
August 03,2021   By:Xinhua
BEIJING, Aug. 3, 2021 -- The Communist Party of China Central Committee has issued a guideline to strengthen legal supervision work of the people's procuratorates.
Procuratorial organs should give full play to their duty of conducting legal supervision, said the document, calling on them to safeguard national security and social stability and ensure high-quality socio-economic development.
Both quality and results of legal supervision should be improved comprehensively to safeguard judicial justice, it noted, urging improvements in mechanisms of information sharing, case notification, and case transfer between people's procuratorates and law enforcement, public security, judicial, and judicial administrative organs.
The guideline demanded fine-tuned supervision on filing, investigations, and trials of criminal cases, as well as civil proceedings. Procuratorial organs were also asked to push forward works on public interest litigations, among others.
Efforts are needed to strengthen the competence of procuratorial personnel, it added. 
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