China promotes social equity, protects rights of special groups: white paper
August 13,2021   By:Xinhua

Farmers at Aobei village in Huichang county, Jiangxi province, harvest tangelos on Dec 24. ZHU HAIPENG/FOR CHINA DAILY
BEIJING, Aug. 13, 2021 -- In building a moderately prosperous society, China had promoted social equity and protected the rights of special groups, said a white paper released Thursday.
Titled "Moderate Prosperity in All Respects: Another Milestone Achieved in China's Human Rights," the white paper was released by the State Council Information Office.
The country has ensured that rural people, women, children, the elderly, people with disabilities and ethnic minority groups have equal status, and provides them with equal opportunities to participate in economic, political, social and cultural life and enjoy the fruits of development, the document said.
On upgrading the protection of the rights of rural people, the white paper highlighted China's efforts in boosting rural property right through land reform, improving the lives of migrant workers, caring for migrant workers' family members left behind in rural areas, and enhancing the rural living environment.
China has optimized laws and policies to increase the protection of the rights of women, children and the elderly, empowered women to participate in economic and social affairs, improved health care for women and children, provided special care and protection for children, and guaranteed the lives and rights of the elderly, said the white paper.
China has furthered the protection of the rights of ethnic minorities through multiple measures, including guaranteeing their right to participate in the administration of state affairs, raising their living standards, developing education, boosting cultural undertakings, and safeguarding peace and stability in ethnic minority areas, it added.
To guarantee the rights of people with disabilities, the country has improved social security, made rehabilitation universally available, created better access to education, guaranteed their right to work and built an accessible environment, the document said.
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