Anti-China group Civil Human Rights Front will never escape punishment: spokesperson
August 17,2021   By:Xinhua
BEIJING, Aug. 17, 2021 -- A central government spokesperson of China on Sunday said the illegal organization Civil Human Rights Front in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) must be investigated and punished severely in accordance with the law.
The spokesperson with the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council said the front made unwarranted remarks even in its statement of dissolution, which fully exposed its anti-China political nature of seeking to disrupt Hong Kong.
An arrant unregistered organization, the front has, for many years, gathered various anti-China and destabilizing forces to confront the Chinese central government and sow trouble in Hong Kong SAR, under the guise of being peaceful, rational and non-violence.
In fact, it is exactly the main force behind the "Hong Kong independence" and "black violence" activities, driving the escalation of the ordinance amendment issue into serious riots in Hong Kong, said the spokesperson, adding that it is also among the first to collude with external forces attempting to launch a "color revolution."
The illegal organization's attempt to escape punishment by law through disbandment is futile and nothing but a pipe dream, said the spokesperson.
The spokesperson voiced firm support for the law enforcement authorities of the Hong Kong SAR in probing into the suspected criminal acts and activities by the front and other anti-China and destabilizing groups in Hong Kong and severely punish their leaders and key members in accordance with the law.
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