Dissolution of anti-China group Civil Human Rights Front has nothing do to with freedom: Carrie Lam
August 18,2021   By:Xinhua
Aug. 18, 2021 -- Chief Executive of China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Carrie Lam said Tuesday that the dissolution of Civil Human Rights Front has nothing do to with freedom, and crimes committed by the anti-China group will not be exonerated by its dissolution.
Lam told a regular press conference that freedom of speech, association, assembly and procession are guaranteed by the Basic Law of the HKSAR. She refuted foreign countries' accusations, saying the recent disbandment of some civic groups is unrelated to the freedoms enshrined in the Basic Law.
Foreign politicians or foreign media claimed that these incidents happened because somebody suppressed their freedoms. "These are very biased comments," she said.
Lam noted that since the implementation of the national security law in Hong Kong, its effectiveness is not only to deal with "black violence," stop violence and control chaos, but also lay an important foundation for the implementation of "one country, two systems" in the HKSAR.
"Today with the national security law as a foundation, (law enforcement) may take action against these individuals and groups who touched these red lines and violated the national security law," she said.
"In the past, we have seen organizations and individuals crossing these red lines. In my opinion, the only choice at this time is disbandment," she said. "So it has nothing to do with exercising your right or your freedom."
Lam noted that even if organizations disband of their own volition, it does not absolve them of criminal liability if they are found to break the law. Law enforcement agencies will continue to collect evidence and investigate, and any breaches of the law will be prosecuted accordingly, she added.
Lam said every professional body should operate in accordance with their principles and laws, adding that the HKSAR government will cut off ties with professional groups who deviate from their original purpose and turn political.
The government last month severed ties with the Hong Kong Professional Teachers' Union, a group that has long engaged in anti-China and trouble-making activities. 
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