China's Ethnic Minorities Protection: Xinjiang official dismisses Uygur 'genocide' claims
March 19,2021   By:CGTN
March 19,2021 -- A new report picked up by leading western media claims China intends to "destroy the Uygur people" in Xinjiang. CGTN's Cui Hui'ao spoke to Kuermashi Serjan, an NPC deputy and head of the Xinjiang Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture, about the allegations. He dismissed them as a "vicious" attempt to interfere in China's internal affairs. 
CUI HUI'AO CGTN Reporter "When you hear western media outlets describe what's happening in Xinjiang as 'ethnic genocide', what's your reaction?"
KUERMASHI SERJAN NPC Deputy Head, Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture "Some anti-China forces have smeared China's Xinjiang policies by applying the label of ethnic genocide. They often claim Xinjiang has launched concentration camps, massive surveillance, forced labor, forced sterilization, and so on. The problems we deal with in Xinjiang are not related to ethnicity, religion or human rights. But rather they are about anti-terrorism, anti-separatism, and anti-extremism. Our policies never target specific ethnic groups. These anti-extremist measures are a response to the rampant terrorist attacks in previous years by addressing the root cause. Thanks to these efforts, there have been zero terrorist attacks in the last four years. Peace and stability is what Xinjiang people have been longing for."
CUI HUI'AO CGTN Reporter "There are a lot of controversies surrounding Xinjiang, from allegations of strict birth control policies to forced labor. What are the actual conditions there, from what you've seen?"
KUERMASHI SERJAN NPC Deputy Head, Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture "We secure jobs for our residents, making sure they can voluntarily choose the work they do, enjoy all of the social benefits, and have their labor rights protected. Thanks to poverty alleviation efforts, we've lifted a total of 3 million people out of poverty. Over 3,600 villages have been taken off the poverty list. Regarding birth control, between 2010 and 2018, the ethnic minority population grew from 12 million to over 15 million. Among them, the Uygur population has increased by 25 percent. So to say China is conducting ethnic genocide is completely against the facts."


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