China Human Rights Plan: Official: 2016-2020 plan meets target
June 03,2021   By:CGTN
June 3, 2021 -- China says its third National Human Rights Action Plan, launched in 2016, has more than met its most ambitious targets. Officials also say the country's efforts have been applauded by members of the international community. CGTN's Sun Ye has this report.
Among the goals met by the five-year action plan includes the meeting the UN's 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, ten years in advance.
Officials say that plan and its implementation have been welcomed by the international community.
LI XIAOMEI Special Representative for Human Rights Affairs, Department of International Affairs, MOFA "We have performed the international human rights duties earnestly in the last five years. We have taken more than 280 pieces of advice from other countries while also putting forward a range of proposals on human rights to the UN. As this year also marks the 50th anniversary of the restoration of China's lawful seat at the UN, China has and will continue to contribute to global human rights development."
Officials also say the past five years have been "the best five years" in terms of human rights development in Xinjiang, as well as other regions with large ethnic minority populations – not only because of economic gains in these regions.
ZHANG YONGHE Executive director, Human Rights Institute Southwest University of Political Science and Law "I've been conducting research in Xinjiang for more than a decade now. The past five years have seen people get out of poverty, earn better pay, better livelihoods, but it's far from just economical. There have also been major improvements in education, culture and people's overall life and future outlooks."
SUN YE Beijing "China is in the process of drafting a fourth National Human Rights Action Plan. Officials and experts involved say the ultimate goal remains the same – for people to have a better sense of happiness and well-being. SY, CGTN, BJ."


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