Ironclad Friendship: Pakistani Student Stays in China to Fight COVID-19
August 25,2021   By:en.humanrights.cn
Aug.25,2021 -- I am Li Ka from Pakistan.
I have been living and studying in Nanjing for the past seven years.
I am a postgraduate student at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, majoring in international trade from the College of Economics and Management. 
My hometown is Quetta in the province of Balochistan.
I have not been back home for about two years because of the current situation of the pandemic.
At the very beginning of the pandemic when it started in China we were really nervous because I had been living for about seven years, quite a long time, but I had never encountered such a severe situation before.
Through social media our families had got to know several rumors.
They were so worried about us, so they kept calling us every day, like, more than 10 times.
We also have some friends in Wuhan and other places of Hubei Province.
At the beginning they were really worried,and I had to make phone calls to them every day and give them some sort of encouragement that everything would be OK. 
At the start of the epidemic in China, many of my classmates, my country mates and some friends they just left China.
But for me it was different.
China is my second home.
I just could not leave it like this.
So, I have been closely observing the government, the medical staff, each and everybody, the volunteers,the way they were performing to help us,to keep us safe.
So, I was like eyewitnessing them.
For me, seeing them, like, being on the frontline and giving all those sacrifices motivated me to stay here and to fight with them together.
During the epidemic most of the time we had to stay at home and inside the school our teachers, our professors they were really concerned about our health.
That is why every day they have been checking our health status, our temperature check.
They weremaking sure that we were doing alright.
When our semester started, we had our online classes,our lectures as well as our research meetings. Everything was online.
We were really feeling comfortable and we were at ease studying online.
I am also the founder of From Compassion To Action (FCTA).
FCTA is actually an independent group of international youth and expert volunteers in Nanjing.
We established this organization for contributing and helping the needy societies in Nanjing.
We founded this organization in 2016.
So, when the epidemic started everybody was confused like, what, as a volunteer, we can do, how we can play our role.
So, asthe very first step we started translating information coming from the official and the government sources about the current update of the epidemic. 
It was our first contribution.
A part of our volunteers also helped the residential community volunteers.
They helped the local volunteers to do the temperature check, to do some sort of documentation, registration.
The doctors, medical staff who left for Wuhan for the fight against the epidemic,their children were at home.
We were worried about their education.
So, our volunteers started checking online classes for them.
With the start of the epidemic in China,we saw that on social media, different online sources are making a lot of fake news and they are spreading a lot of rumors about China, about the public here as well as about the international students that they lack food and there is a shortage of daily necessities, groceries,and their life is really difficult.
So, that is why I wanted to make the vlogs and let the people outside China to see what is the truth, what is the normal life over here.
The very first step I do was the vlogs.
I showed different vlogs on different dates.
I started doing live videos on Facebook.
We started different sessions of vlogs.
The first vlog I did was on 11 February.
I came up with the idea.
I went to the supermarket, the metro station, the pharmacy and the residential community I showed the world that there is no shortage of food.
I showed the world how the Chinese authorities, how the government is doing their efforts to control and prevent the further spread of the virus among the people.
So everything was quite normal.
Somehow the very last session of the vlogging we did was on 27 February.
The number of cases had been down and people started coming out.
People have come back to normal.
The shops were opening, the industries, the factories.
We heard that employees who belonged to different factories and industries also started going back to their work.
In my live video sessions and vlogs I mentioned how the Chinese governments are making their efforts to control and prevent the virus as well as the current situation of Wuhan.
Though the very first person who got infected by the virus was in Wuhan,that never means that the epicenter was Wuhan and that the virus spread out from Wuhan.
We saw a very good response from the people.
Around 120,000 people have been watching daily the videos and vlogs I have been making.
I was awarded “The Most Beautiful Volunteer” for fighting COVID-19 in Nanjing.
Unfortunately, we saw that after mid-February there have been several cases outside China.
At the beginning of March the situation of the epidemic in our country,especially in my hometown, was really serious. 
Here in China, since we are successfully fighting,I think we can do something.
So I started off a campaign, a donation campaign and I requested the Chinese friends here in Nanjing and all over China.
But the period of the epidemic was the most difficult for my hometown.
But we have a good memory of that.
We will never forget the support from the Chinese people,the support from the Chinese government.
They helped us, and they supported us at that difficult time.
I am really impressed. I am moved by their help and support.
So I came up with the idea of sharing those successful examples.
That is why I started making videos in different languages.
We shared on Facebook and let the people know, let the government and let the medical staff know the successful experiences, the successful examples we were having in China.
Then it was about the middle of March or the last days of March the assistance and support from the Chinese government had already arrived in Pakistan.
I was hopeful.
I believe that we can successfully win this battle.
During the epidemic, I saw that the nation, the Chinese nation put everything beyond personal interests. 
They prefer the public and national interest and they value that very much.
We saw the efforts of the government and the cooperation of the people.
It made me really impressed.
I can say this is how a great nation is.
So as a youth, it is our responsibility to play our role,to cooperate.
With the dialogue, with the cooperation, with the sharing of resources, with the discussion, with the exchange of ideas,we can win this pandemic and we can have and share a great future. 


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