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Experts cite US for cyberspace infractions
July 10,2021   By:CHINA DAILY

A man holds a laptop computer as cyber code is projected on him in this illustration picture taken on May 13, 2017. [Photo/Agencies]
July 10, 2021 --Chinese experts on law and internet security pointed on Friday to cyber surveillance activities conducted by the United States and called for more effective measures globally to ensure cybersecurity.
All parties worldwide should join hands to oppose nations taking advantage of advanced telecom technologies to conduct cyber surveillance activities, such as the US, "as no country should use national security as an excuse to undermine the national security of other countries," said Xie Yongjiang, executive director of the Internet Governance and Law Research Center, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.
Xie made the remarks at an online China side event during the ongoing United Nations Human Rights Council's 47th session. The webinar focused on the dangers of US cyber surveillance and cyber hegemony, calling for cyber justice and building a community of a shared future in cyberspace.
Zhi Zhenfeng, a researcher with the Institute of Law, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, regarded US behavior – making use of internet technologies and social media platforms to monitor others – as an invasion or infringement of netizens' privacy.
Zhi said the abuse of technologies, such as using artificial intelligence as a weapon to launch cyber warfare, is a big challenge and risk for mankind, "so we have to pay close attention to technological risks in cyberspace while enjoying the technological benefits".
Li Yan, deputy director of the Institute of Sci-tech and Cybersecurity with China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, said the world has begun to realize that the US is concerned with its own security much more than the interests of shared security after witnessing several cyber surveillance incidents, including such programs exposed by Edward Snowden in 2013 and WikiLeaks in 2015.
Compared with frequent complaints about US behavior, Li said, "What we should do more is to say no to its large-scale cyber surveillance operations and stand up to act."
"We need to move forward to reestablishing trust in cyberspace and improving its peaceful, open and orderly development," Li said.
She pointed to the recent news that the US National Security Agency worked with Danish intelligence to explore monitoring other European leaders as an example of untoward surveillance.
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