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Chinese experts call for revival of human rights' concept
July 14,2021   By:CGTN

A parallel event for the 47th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council is held online in Xi'an, northwest China's Shaanxi Province, July 2, 2021. /CMG

July 5, 2021 -- Chinese experts called for a revival of the concept "human rights," saying the cause of "human rights" is becoming an excuse for hegemony, hampering international solidarity.
The calls were made Friday at a parallel event for the 47th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, which was held online in Xi'an, northwest China's Shaanxi Province, with the theme "Human Rights and International Solidarity."
"In many cases, international conflicts in areas such as economic competition, ideological and cultural differences are launched under the banner of human rights," said Professor He Zhipeng, executive director of Human Rights Research Centre at Jilin University.
Experts condemned hegemonic actions by some Western countries, disguised as so-called "human rights protection," hampering international efforts to actually improve human rights conditions.
"Hegemonism has already caused human rights disasters in the Middle East," said Ha Guanqun, a scholar from Northwest University of Political Science and Law.
"Only by abandoning hegemonic thinking and respecting the legitimate rights and interests of Middle Eastern countries can the human rights situation there be improved," the scholar said.
Zhu Ying, deputy dean of Institute for Human Rights, Southwest University of Political Science & Law, said the key is to "remold and revive the concept of 'human rights' in the world".
"China has made brilliant achievements in the cause of human rights in recent years, especially the national efforts to eradicate absolute poverty," said Zhu, citing China's practice as an example.
"It is the best testimony of enriching the connotation of 'human rights,'" Zhu said.
China announced at the beginning of this year that it has lifted 98.99 million poor rural residents out of poverty under the current poverty line, addressing their healthcare, education and housing problems. The achievement is considered a major part of the country's efforts to improve human rights conditions of its people.
Experts at the event said China's concept of human rights is the enrichment and development of international human rights discourse.
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