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Report exposes limitations, drawbacks of American democracy
December 23,2021   By:Xinhua

Photo taken on Aug 10, 2021 shows the US Capitol building in Washington, DC, the United States. [Photo/Xinhua]
BEIJING, Dec. 23, 2021 -- The China Society for Human Rights Studies on Thursday published a report, laying bare the limitations and drawbacks of American democracy.
The American voting democracy centered on elections can hardly sustain democratic politics in a complete sense, and it is far from being an ideal system for modern democracy, the report noted.
It expounded on the political traits, historical limitations and real drawbacks of American democracy, showing that the United States has long deprived people of color of the right to participate in democracy, systemically expelled, excluded, and assimilated Indians for a long time, and has long restricted women's right to suffrage on an equal footing.
It also exposed the polarization, double standards, money-dominated and formalized nature of American democracy.
The report pointed out that American democracy gradually loses its persuasiveness and appeal.
"More and more countries and people become aware that American democracy does not represent the development direction of democracy," it read.
People of all countries should and can independently pursue democratic development with their own traits and contribute their wisdom and power to the diversity of political achievements, the report added.

Full Text: Limitations and Drawbacks of American Democracy
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