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Environmental hazards kill 3,000 people yearly in Israel: report
January 05,2021   By:Xinhua
JERUSALEM, Jan.5,2021 -- About 3,000 people die in Israel every year as a result of exposure to environmental hazards, said a report issued by the state's Ministry of Health on Monday.
The report, written by the ministry and the Israeli Environment and Health Fund, said that the death cases are caused by exposure to air pollution, radon gas and environmental tobacco smoke.
"There is also evidence that exposure to environmental pollutants increases susceptibility to coronavirus and affects the severity of the disease," the report added.
The report indicated progress on issues related to health and the environment and outlined several challenges and actions that need to be taken to reduce health vulnerabilities as a result of environmental hazards.
"Following the coronavirus pandemic, Israel must take steps to build resilience of health and environment, and limit public exposure to toxic substances in air, water, and consumer product and increase accessibility to green spaces," the report said. 
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